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Hackney is Building

Hackney is facing an unprecedented housing crisis. Today there are more than 13,000 families waiting for a Council home. More than 3,000 of these are living in bed and breakfasts, hostels and other unsuitable temporary accommodation.

Another 34,000 households are part of the borough's ever-growing number of private renters, where rents have increased by more than a third since 2011. Buying a home, for those who can afford it, now costs seventeen times the average household income.

External funding is barely a fraction of what is needed to build the thousands of genuinely affordable Council homes that we need most.

But, despite the challenges facing us, Hackney is building. Through our innovative, cross-subsidy approach, we’re delivering one of the most ambitious programmes of new council homes in the country to help tackle Hackney’s critical housing shortage.

Our experienced in-house team has expertise across development, design, sales and marketing, programme management, development finance, communications and consultation - and is helping to deliver around 2,000 new homes between 2018-2022, on top of the 900 already built since 2011.

More than half of these will be genuinely affordable Council homes for social rent, or homes for shared ownership, partly paid for by building and selling some homes outright. Whether social rent homes for those who need them most, or low cost home ownership options for those struggling to get on the housing ladder, these homes put Hackney residents first.

And as well as building homes directly, we also help housing associations and other providers to build new homes - whether through the 5,500-home regeneration of the Woodberry Down Estate, or through grants made up of money from homes sold under Right to Buy to help make smaller schemes more affordable.

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